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Music is the soundtrack of your life
Dick Clark


Our aim is to support you in effectively managing stress by harmonizing mindfulness and psychotherapy techniques with music of your choice. The selection of music styles and genres is entirely up to you.

Our approach stems from the understanding that stress management requires gaining greater control over the factors that trigger your emotions and how you react to them. The music we've connected with throughout our lives holds valuable insights into our emotional experiences. By becoming more intune with our emotions, we enhance our ability to navigate and mitigate stress.




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"In the early days, therapy and community were my lifelines. 🤝 Over time, they transformed into my life force..." 

I work with a variety of mental and emotional health challenges, but many people seek my help with addiction, stress management, and figuring out how to live a fulfilling life. This likely stems from my own experiences grappling with these issues, which profoundly influenced my decision to pursue a career in therapy.

Growing up, I was a fun-loving kid with a ton of hobbies who really made the most out of every day. The only problem was that I struggled horribly with paying attention in school and following the rules. I was much more interested in the amusement park of my mind and walking to the beat of my own drum than in reading, writing, and arithmetic. In truth, it had less to do with "interest" and more with how excruciatingly painful trying to do schoolwork was. If you have ever put your hand on a hot stove or been tased by a stun gun, then you know what school felt like for me. So, it comes as no surprise that I spent the majority of my time in detention, being asked why I was wasting my potential. Unfortunately, I asked myself the same question.

It wasn't until my teens that my amusement park mind morphed into a nightmarish inferno. One by one, my hobbies fell by the wayside. Unable to find refuge in my mind, I sought it in drugs, which led to legal troubles and heartbreak for those who cared about me. This went on for several years until the age of 20, when a series of events, including a trip to rehab, helped me to turn things around.

Upon leaving rehab, my thoughts and emotions were still that nightmarish inferno. I had turned to drugs for a reason, and removing them after years of abuse was challenging. In those early days, therapy and community support were my lifelines. Over time, they became my life force. I went on to play music professionally, teach yoga, and earn two master's degrees and a doctorate in clinical psychology.

Now, I have dedicated my career to modernizing mental and emotional health treatments to make them more accessible to the general public. I spent the first half of my career as a psychologist in San Francisco where I created a donation-based program that uses people's favorite music to help manage stress. I moved back to Cleveland during the pandemic and now run weekly community classes, give talks and workshops around town. I am open to collaborations and strategic planning on mental/emotional health topics. Contact me, and let's explore how I can be helpful to you.

Licensed Psychologist: California Psy.30525, Ohio P.08001
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Psy.D. 2015, Clinical Psychology, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, ​​

M.A. 2013, Clinical Psychology. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology,

M.A. 2010, Social/Cognitive Psychology. The New School For Social Research

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